Buy 3 massages, get one free. Each massage is personalized for your specific needs. The time we spend together will determine what modalities will be used. More time equals more customization. Feel free to request certain modalities before your next visit.

Modalities include:

Soothe – Far from your average massage but perfect for beginners. Light to medium pressure is used for a soothing, full body massage. This signature massage includes warm packs & essential oils.

Chill Out – Great for sports & acute injuries. We customize an ice massage for specific areas in need. Ice causes rapid shrinking of the blood vessels and numbs nerve endings which can help aid in inflammation and swelling.

Get Stoned – The use of hot stones will help melt away your muscle tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation.

Mellow Mama – Our nurturing full body massage for expecting mamas. This massage will help alleviate dehydrated skin, swelling, and low back/hip pain.

Deep Roots – Deep tissue massage that incorporates trigger point therapy and stretching to strip the muscles of knots and tension.

The Sanctuary – This ayurvedic massage uses lymphatic drainage, cupping, and/or gua sha techniques to create a customized, holistic massage to fit your body’s needs.

The Silent Treatment – Listen to white noise or meditative music via headphones to cancel out the busyness during your treatment.

90 minute massage - buy 3 get 1 free

$396.00 Regular Price
$297.00Sale Price