Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Ashleigh here: esthetician, massage therapist, founder of Wandering Wanda's holistic sanctuary, and co-blogger. That's a mouthful huh? With 8+years experience in the spa world and a passion for all things bright, bold and unusual, I wanted to create a space where all of my passions could come together. A place where travel, wonder, decor, health & beauty coexist and small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals can connect, collaborate, & create in a safe space. My husband, Jacob, will be popping in from time-to-time proof read my MANY mistakes and add his two cents on all things fitness, food, music & politics. I'm the dreamer and he's the realist (he's a Libra & I'm a Pisces), even though we have different backgrounds and interests, our beliefs & values are the same - we balance each other in the best ways and both look forward to bringing you our blog!

I'm Ashleigh's husband, Jacob. Like she previously mentioned I will pop in from time to time to talk about fitness (not the overzealous gym-bro kind I promise), food (because I love to cook), music (mostly hip-hop and R&B), and politics (not the preachy kind, I like to share information with people, and let them make their own conclusions).

Welcome to Ashkabob Adventures.

Photo credit: Rachael Ellis

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